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What’s at stake in the Mobility of Labour? Borders, Migration, Contemporary Capitalism

di SANDRO MEZZADRA. The talk starts with a short discussion of some influential works on the mobility of labour in historical and contemporary capi- talism. Drawing upon a book I recently published with Brett Neilson, Border as Method, or, the Multiplication of Labour, I then discuss the significance of the proliferation of borders in the global age from the point of view of “late” capitalism. In the last part of the talk I focus on the subjective stakes of the politics of migration, providing instances from many parts of the world (including the Asia-Pacific region). Il testo è scaricabile...


The refugee crisis and global labor relations

di KATARZINA CZARNOTA CzasKultury/English 3/2016 It has been a while since the refugee crisis broke out in Europe. What we are seeing today is merely a handful of the life stories that make up events similar to many of those that have unfolded in previous years, as thousands of migrants were trying to reach Europe, jeopardizing their health and lives. The legal and social mechanisms along with economic segregation applied towards the refugees have served as a tool for strengthening hierarchy and social injustices in the global labor relationships for quite some time now. Political consequences of the changes...