Segnaliamo l’uscita del n. 117: 2 del South Athlantic Quarterly (aprile 2018) curato da Nicholas De Genova, Glenda Garelli e Martina Tazzioli, che comprende due sezioni tematiche: Rethinking Migration and Autonomy from within the “Crises”, e Day Laborers, Domestic Workers, and Precarity’s Politics. Il fascicolo è scaricabile ⇒ qui.

Indice del numero:

Rethinking Migration and Autonomy from within the “Crises”

Nicholas De Genova; Glenda Garelli; Martina Tazzioli, Autonomy of Asylum?: The Autonomy of Migration Undoing the Refugee Crisis Script
Stephan Scheel, Recuperation through Crisis Talk: Apprehending the European Border Regime as a Parasitic Apparatus of Capture
Moritz Altenried; Manuela Bojadžijev; Leif Höfler; Sandro Mezzadra; Mira Wallis, Logistical Borderscapes: Politics and Mediation of Mobile Labor in Germany after the “Summer of Migration”
Serhat Karakayali, Volunteers: From Solidarity to Integration
Verónica Gago, The Strategy of Flight: Problematizing the Figure of Trafficking
Nicholas De Genova, Rebordering “the People”: Notes on Theorizing Populism
Brett Neilson, The Currency of Migration
Deborah Cowen; Glenda Garelli; Martina Tazzioli, Editors’ Interview with Deborah Cowen

Day Laborers, Domestic Workers, and Precarity’s Politics

Paul Apostolidis, Introduction
Nik Theodore, The Ballad of Industry: Recuperating Alienated Identities through Day Laborers’ Song
Ayse Akalin, Affective Precarity: The Migrant Domestic Worker
Rhacel Salazar Parreñas; Rachel Silvey, The Precarity of Migrant Domestic Work
Paul Apostolidis, Day Laborers and the Refusal of Work

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